Sunday, April 28, 2013

Create magic in whatever you do

We all believe a magician does not reveal his tricks. Not until I saw this video, did I realize the pain and effort that goes into each of David Blaine's performance. No doubt he is a master performer, but listening him explain 'magic' is an eye-opener. As I heard him say these words, it reminded me of a few lines I had jotted down years ago from a poem called 'Luck'.

I worked by day,
And toiled by night.
I gave up play,
And some delight.
Dry books I read,
New things to learn.
And forged ahead,
Success to earn.
I plodded on with
Faith and pluck;
And when I won,
Men called it luck.

Hope David's words inspires you to create magic in whatever you do. As he puts it, "It's practice, it's training, it's experimenting, it's pushing through the pain to be the best that I can be.."

And some day, you get to recite the poem looking into your rear view mirror..

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