Saturday, April 6, 2013

Leading into the storm

Nothing like a great story that leaves you with mixed feelings. The one I am talking about today is a story with a 'not-so-happy' ending and might leave you torn between celebrating risk-taking, adventure, heroism while reminding where such things might lead into.

This is a full length feature on CNN's site, quite a long read but gets you hooked on pretty easily. More so if you start thinking of similar situations around you or in your organization. Or better still if you are yourself in a position of leadership. Capt. Robin Walbridge was leading a vessel with a great history (take a look at the embedded video below) and was leading a crew who are not very different from the people on your team. Each of them with tons of ambitions and dreams and Capt. Robin the over-arching leader they looked up to.

The story is of the last voyage made by the vessel HMS Bounty before it lost itself to hurricane Sandy (2012). The story of a captain's awe inspiring speech about "Chasing Hurricanes" before losing the vessel, his own life and that of a crew member on that fateful day.

Before you move on to watch this video and read the full length article on CNN, I will request you to put a thought to how often are we in these people's shoes. Either as the Captain, chasing hurricanes or the crew who harm the boat more by keeping silent rather than vocalizing our concerns about the directions our team is taking.

So here is the link to the article on CNN's site "Life and death on the Bounty"

But before you go there take a look at this video to get a hang of the person (Capt. Robin Walbridge) and the magnificent vessel he commanded..the one that is now lost forever..

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