Thursday, June 30, 2011

Management Funda 15: Deflect criticism

I am just back from a short meeting where we sold a vision document to our client. As I saw Mark hard sell all that was in the document, we walked out of the meeting with no change requests. And in the course of all this, here is an anecdote he shared.

There was this guy who worked in the creative field. He had a boss who had the habit of finding and pointing out something wrong. So on days  when he had to present his work, he would consciously wear mismatch of socks. And then just go and present. At the end of it his boss would say "All that is fine but your socks don't match..." !!!

So with people where you know you will be criticized, figure out a way to deflect criticism.


  1. Are u going to try it at any point of time ?

  2. is it Mark Coster you are talking about ?

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