Friday, October 8, 2010

Finding the post office (Mundhwa, Pune)

For people looking just for the info:
Wikimapia Link
Google Maps Link -
 (Lat/long info as identified by Location services on my iPhone)
If you are comming from Mundhwa towards Ghorpadi.. Keep an eye for the rusted gate on your left. See picture below. It should be just after the Army Sports Institute campus starts (on your right).


It was indeed a big deal.

I had to send the the ITR-V acknowledgement by Indian Post (yes..they want it by normal post, no registered post, no courier and of-course no electronic copies). Strangely this is the last step of the e-filing process!!!

So the search began for the nearest post office. I am staying near Hadapsar and everyone pointed me to the Post Office in Ghorpadi. I started off by looking at the Indian postal department website. but sadly I could find no store locater kind of feature. Put in your zip code and it gives the name of your post office but not the location.

Google maps did not help at all. Seems like it has to go a long way before one can look up an indian address and expect accurate results.

Anyway I did find the Mundhwa Post office and just wanted to share the location.


  1. Good job man!! I m looking for the same exactly for the same reason.. :)